BLUEfiveone BIO

BLUEfiveone’s influences range from legendary rock/pop artists to the most iconic figures in hip-hop culture. His sound could be described as The Roots rapping over a Rage Against the Machine song made by Frank Ocean. His refreshing sound is made even more meaningful by his concept of COLORlife. BLUE has simplified himself from the complexities of societal identity by embracing the philosophy of COLORlife, the action of portraying oneself as a color. Immediately recognizable by the lone color in his closet, BLUE is known for meaningful lyrics and a passion for life that comes out through his music. Making his name in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia), BLUE has spread his music and mythology while sharing the stage with local acts whose genres range from Rock and Reggae to Hip-Hop and R&B.


Before going solo BLUE was no stranger to touring and making music. With the regionally acclaimed band thefiveone, BLUE played the Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, New York, joining an eclectic blend of artists such as Janelle Monae, Saul Williams, and Murs. The band also worked on a remix project, covering artists such as Bob Marley, Lykke Li, N*E*R*D, Gorillaz, Zero 7, Vampire Weekend, Kanye West and many more. This remix project accrued over 40,000 downloads, and the individual songs and videos have received attention on many websites such as MTVU, USAToday, Chicago Now (Gowherehiphop) and The Washington Post. BLUE has also performed with BLUE County, the band that launched his solo career.

Hailing from Reston Virginia, BLUEfiveone is dedicated to continuing to grow as a musician. Be it in the studio, through singing lessons, by mixing and mastering his songs or giving live performances, BLUEfiveone is constantly looking for ways to better his music. He has always been able to naturally integrate into any music scene or genre. His remixes give him the opportunity to explore different sounds and music styles while generating buzz for his original music. BLUEfiveone bends and mixes songs in a unique way to fit the message of his lyrics and demonstrate the passion that fuels him.

His live show is treated as an opportunity to take material to the next level. With live drums and vocals, the music is arranged and executed to take listeners on a musical journey that leaves them wanting more. BLUEfiveone's songs deliver a real message in a color that inspires all.